Wednesday, 10 June 2009

too much skating

Been trying to get back on ma board as much as possible!
Went up to Stoke the other week to stay with my Grandad
cruised down the park alone and came back with a few snaps of the locals....
Stoke Plaza 3set Edit
Stoke Plaza rail Edit
Stoke Plaza 5set Fisheye
Found a horse aswell...
Just a Little Horse
Fish has come back from bath for a few weeks so he hit me up and we went down broughton astley skate park with old time ripper little james who hasnt skated for a good 4 years and Neil whos getting into his 40s but still skating hard everyday!
got some nice snaps....

Fish doing a tasty Fakie Inward Heelflip straight over the Hip
Fish hip widee
Lil James going big out the quarter into Disaster like he never put his board down
James Air out of the Quarter

Found this aswell a little edit im on from a few months back Skating with the Broughton crew 5iftyone Skates

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