Saturday, 27 June 2009

Warwick Uni-Copper Rooms

This night was BIG.
Cal got knocked out by Benga

apologies for lateness of the video.....

Warwick Uni-Copper rooms launch party. from Trav on Vimeo.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Fresh 'Step!

haven't posted anything in a while, thought I'd bring some presents for you all..

so heres a load of FREE dubstep tunes from some of the sickest producers in the game!

Untold - Luna:[L].mp3

Stenchman - GUTFUCKER:

Joker - Solid State:

Reso - Smash your face in:

Numbernin6 - 2 free tunes:

Joker - How You Like Me Now:

some absolute sickness in there, especially the second Joker tune!

hoping to get a few tunes of my own out soon, as soon as they are ready I will get them up here first, keep your ear to the ground and your eyes to the skies!

hold tight EXM, RIP Michael Jackson!

Monday, 22 June 2009


On Some Nature Ting

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Save the 'Rainbow Pub'

As you all may have heard the rainbow is facing closure because of a noise complaint situation.
we all know if that place shuts down and other pubs in the surrounding area Birmingham will loose a vital part of culture and maybe even loose the rest of Digbeth to another shit housing project!
so get your tickets and raise the roof! and the rainbow should turn up the volume a bit for all them people who complained!

click this link for more info on how to help brums best venue.

EXM all night, all day and even dancing in your mummas bedroom.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


New night touching down in Coventry next month, heavy Dubstep vibes are going to be ripping this night apart, along with your nightly dosage of Drum and Bass, Hip hop and Dancehall,
from the likes of 2D (Wonkey Disco), salt-uh (Custard Factory), DJ Kane (Escape/Warwick Uni) and more Midlands talent, not to mention live art from the 'Extra Medium'.

so if your around get down to The Glasshouse Coventry and enjoy!

On saturday I won.....

On saturday my end of year awards ceremony was held at BCU Birmingham. Many guests were invited including the legendary Trevor Beattie (look him up if you don't know). I had been nominated for the entrepeneaur award, which if I won would mean receiving free business advice and help for a year from one of the creative industries top advisors, working with people like Chris Cunningham to name names.

Long story short, I won.

this means big things for EXM. and for extra medium as a whole. hopefully by 2010 we will be mad big and the events filming thing will be a registered business earning lots and lots and travelling. This give sus two years to enjoy the fruits of our labour before the world ends.

Happy days.

here is my award (excuse the photos I am not a photographer)



Monday, 15 June 2009

Last Weekend

Had a sick weekend, started off on Thursday went to see The Streets, Middleman and one of my all time favorite artists Example @ Warwick SU's new venue The Copper Rooms. Was a large night with over 700 heads there it definitely went down a storm.

Mike Skinner, The Streets - 11.6.09
Mike Skinner

Then on Friday I stayed in my home town of Hinckley for a change and sessioned out to some heavy drum and bass at Apparition @ The Venue. With the sounds of DJ SS and MC Spyda headlining and some good mates of mine also playing heavy sets Atmos T b2b Boosta, Chapman and Beatz all killed it! Definitely a heavy night had by all.

Atmos T b2b Boosta dropping too many unherd Dubs.

Apparition, DJ SS
DJ SS not afraid to show the crowd a good time dropping Tarantula and making Spyda perform it live!

Apparition, MC Spyda
MC Spyda with too many bars to handle.
Check the rest of the photos @

Then Saturday i chilled because i had work early Sunday morning but downloaded a copy of a new track from good friends Atmos T and Acer.
Something completely different with this dirty Dubstep tune from the boys.
Definitely worth a listen.

Download Atmos T ft Acer - You See Me



Thursday, 11 June 2009



MONSTER! is some deep skanking filth such a huge track!

Take a look at all salt-uh's released tracks for download HERE!
and also myspace!

Big up Nuneaton movers and shakers!


Lesta On Lock

Big things coming out of this crew, there constantly working on videos and getting promo pictures spread around the web weather it be through facebook or there blog.

More Skateboarding >>

Rippin Stoke Plaza

More Skateboarding >>

Summer On Lock Trailer
Big ups to this lot pushing there skating to the max to getting out there and getring known.
check them out on Facebook:
or check um on there blog at:


Wednesday, 10 June 2009


another heavy mix from my boy Stepbrother

Shallow - 16bit 
Sunshine? - Rukspin 
s.y.n.k.r.o - Goodtimes 
s.y.n.k.r.o - Getdown 
Burial - Arcangel 
s.y.n.k.r.o - On My Mind 
Burial - Near Dark 
Mount Kimbie - William 
Burial - Etched Headplate

Hes finally getting out there giving it a go at producing and getting on as many nights as possible!
Big Ups


too much skating

Been trying to get back on ma board as much as possible!
Went up to Stoke the other week to stay with my Grandad
cruised down the park alone and came back with a few snaps of the locals....
Stoke Plaza 3set Edit
Stoke Plaza rail Edit
Stoke Plaza 5set Fisheye
Found a horse aswell...
Just a Little Horse
Fish has come back from bath for a few weeks so he hit me up and we went down broughton astley skate park with old time ripper little james who hasnt skated for a good 4 years and Neil whos getting into his 40s but still skating hard everyday!
got some nice snaps....

Fish doing a tasty Fakie Inward Heelflip straight over the Hip
Fish hip widee
Lil James going big out the quarter into Disaster like he never put his board down
James Air out of the Quarter

Found this aswell a little edit im on from a few months back Skating with the Broughton crew 5iftyone Skates

See more photos from me at:
and more from 51 at


Saturday, 6 June 2009

Something extremely profound, interesting and thought provoking

The man Terrence Mckenna talks deep and long about something which I whole heartedly agree on...

worth a watch if you are doing some work or drawing and want some background vibes.

take time to listen to it, trust me....


It's about to drop....

Secret wars Brum DVD advert from Trav on Vimeo.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Face Off

Kicking off Friday 'The Face Off' is an exhibition of all NEW work from Glasgow based artists, Smug and Klingatron, they both have off the hook styles, Smug having more of a photo-realistic graffiti style and Klingatron keeping it heavy on the old stencils.
So if your about in Truro, Cornwall over the next month inbetween 5th and 28th of june then get yourself down to the Soup Gallery, or if your around on Friday get to the private view which starts at 6pm till late.
for more info check out the soup site.