Friday, 16 April 2010


If your ever going to be visiting Treakle town (nuneaton) you will get on a lot better with the locals if you memorize these sayings........

faant aat- found out

daan taan - down town

guwin aaat- goin outturra-goodbye

naat amean-do you know what i mean

yonna baat- what are you talkin about

saand-im doin fine

i ent gorrote - i do not have anything

lark- like/nothing(used at the end of a sentence lark)

summut- something

giz a guw onnat- may i have a turn on your _____

sinabit-see you later fellow

weredya- where did you

tekuz- take us

wunit- wont itraanair- around there

And big up the rapewalk crew

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