Monday, 13 July 2009


So i got up today and realized we have been posting nothing on our blog for quite sometime, anyway as you do when you lie in on a Monday catching up from the weekend. I decided to start looking at trainers and really contemplating whether spending way to much money on new skate trainers.
Ok heres the list just so you can get a feel for what im up against, i know everyone who skates loves trainers, so feast your eyes on some of these babies.

The New 'Busenitz Pro', look a bit like the Samba, all ready to jump off your board for a kick around.

Also while i was on the adidas flow, took a little look at these, 'The Mark Gonz Ciero' think they are a mid shoe.

Been scoping these for a while now, would love the whole colour range, 'DVS HUF dough boys' think they also come in yellow, and the soles are soft as, hence the name.

And finally the 'The Eric Dressen Cabs' was just loving these cause of the real detail in them but also because they look so simple.

Anyway after looking at trainers for about half an hour i tripped onto the new adidas european team video 'Diagonal' which you can watch here.
Some real good skating in this video from UK talent Chewy Cannon to German ripper Lem Villemin, with a section from the US team also.
Not to mention some real good edit and after effect production gone into this video, its not every day you see such a good euro team video produced to this amount of skill.

Worth a look in to, then after, time to grab your board and hit the streets.

Ride with us! Exm all day baby!

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